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Moldex3D Book Series

Moldex3D 자격증 과정 강의 도서


성형 해석의 이론과 각 적용 사례에 대한 연구자료입니다.



* 영문도서 입니다.



Ch1 Overview of Plastics Molding
Ch2 Material Properties of Plastics
Ch3 Part and Mold Design
Ch4 Process Conditions
Ch5 Molding Simulation Methodology

Ch6 Flow Consideration versus Part Features
Ch7 Runner and Gate Design
Ch8 Cooling Optimization
Ch9 Warpage Control
Ch10 Fiber Orientation Control
Ch11 Hot Runner Optimization

Ch12 Co-/Bi-Injection Molding
Ch13 Gas-/Water-Assisted Injection Molding
Ch14 Foam Injection Molding
Ch15 Powder Injection Molding
Ch16 Resin Transfer Molding
Ch17 Integrated Circuit Packaging

Molding Simulation Theory and Practice

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